Saturday, 9 February 2013

Channels TV Presenter Joe Ighile Collapse While Presenting & Died Shortly After

Channels TV sports presenter, Joe Ighile, collapsed while presenting on set last night. He introduced the  programme but felt weird not long after, he then asked for a break, he was then rushed taken to the hospital where he died

 He left behind his mother,  wife and two children. RIP

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  1. RIP....Life is really too short

  2. It is well. May God spare us

  3. Eeyaa,it might be BP Oº°˚ , I hv a nebor dat collapsed nd died dat way(wen checked it was confirm dat it was BP) chei! Is really a pity.May his soul rest in de Lord

  4. Jesus my Lord! This is weird, well we are in endtime

  5. Is a pity, I lost 2 of my colleagues same day dis week, dey just collapse nd died while wrking. May God av mercy on us o!


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