Thursday, 21 February 2013

Breast Cancer Survivor’s Chest Tattoo Picture Goes Viral After Been Rejected By Facebook

Facebook refused to accept a photo of a breast cancer survivor’s chest tattoo and the design company kept on re posting it.  The company was then forced to throw it open to their follows to like and share the photo to show their support for the "brave" woman who proudly got a tattoo over her double mastectomy to celebrate her defeat of cancer and within a twinkle of an eye it went viral.

Shared over 118,000 times and liked 140,000 times.  In turn, Facebook stopped removing it which means Custom Tattoo Design won the battle against Facebook's photo censorship.

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  1. hey they have no problem with a picture of a guy with his shirt off..... besides woman in ontario can walk around topless in public if they chooes to so i dont get the big deal time to move with the times people


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