Saturday, 23 February 2013

American Idol Winner, Martha Heredia Arrested After Attempting To Smuggle HEROIN

Martha Heredia, the  2009 Latin American winner has just been nabbed in her home country, Dominican Republic as she allegedly tried to smuggle heroine into the United States by hiding them inside her shoes. 

The Dominican Republic official said;
"It's very sad that young people who have so much promise, who were bestowed by life with all the grace in the world and an unquestionable talent, because of ambition, bad advice or simply to obtain money see themselves in situations like this."
This is not the first time the 22 year old also know as 'La- Baby' has been in the news for negative reasons since winning the show. In 2010 she killed a Haitian boy with her car and was made to compensate his family with $250,000 and just a month ago, she had her husband arrested for domestic violence, he is still in jail.

She sounds like a very troubled lady, I guess fame and above average yearly income is not enough for some. Click READ MORE to see photos of items collected from her ...


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  1. Wat a sad story

  2. Quest for over night wealth! It does not work that way...


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