Thursday, 3 January 2013

Why Would An 18 Year Old Want To Auction Her Virginity? Read Rebecca's Story.

Rebecca Bernardo, an 18 Year Old Brazilian is auctioning off her virginity to raise money for her sick mother, who recently suffered a stroke. The teen made the announcement on YouTube and has received three bids, the highest being $35,000.
"I made up my mind right after my 18th birthday. That’s when my mother suffered a stroke"  Rebecca sai to CNN.

Rebecca’s sick mother asked her to look for work elsewhere and not to prostitute herself. Although Bernado works as a waitress but the cost of taking care of her mum which includes paying for a caretaker is too much for her to handle since her mother is unable to feed herself or go to the bathroom by herself.

Believe it or not this happens everyday in fact some find themselves in worse situations especially here in Nigeria and they end up at the mercy of their uncles who will only help if they offer sex in return.

Firstly will you do the same if you were in her shoes? Secondly, who are these men ready  to pay $30,000 for sex with her knowing they are just introducing an 18 year old virgin to the cruel world of prostitution yet they can't give that amount of money or even a fraction of it to save the poor lady's life?

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  1. Its so pathethic, I read d full story on cnn bt at d same time I dnt think its enough justificatn to devalue her integrity,I see it as a devaluation of th woman race, for God sake dere r oda tins she can do to raise money apart from commercialising her womanhood

  2. What other things can a 18 yr old girl with no degrees do? Steal i guess?

  3. hummmmmmm am speechless

  4. Are dere no rich powerful women dat can assist these gurl smh...instead of allowing dose vultures called men 2 devour her.

  5. Its a pity.I lack words life have tot me never 2 judge poeple's action. What if I was in her shoes? What will I do?

  6. She ran out of options....hope she gets som1 wo cn help er rather dan auctionin er body


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