Thursday, 3 January 2013

Trey Songz Wiped The Tears Of His Fan.

Trey songz popped up at a fans doorstep and she bursted into tears. The fan named Wanda entered a contest and won Trey songz ticket, a limo ride to his concert and $1000 shopping spree. Unknown to her that she would get a visit from Trey too. Would you believe that Trey wiped the tears of his fan when she started crying? And that wasn't all, Wanda was given the opportunity to ask Trey a few question and of course, she wanted to know why he was still single and he responded.

"It is difficult. Its very difficult to be in a real relationship . You can have somebody that you like but .... until I'm ready to give that much of myself.....I don't give myself the amount of time I think I deserve for me so I don't think I can give all that a person deserves in a relationship right now".

So all you Trey Songz fans that are wondering why his still single, I guess you now have your answers.

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  1. Awwwwww now I wanna cry!

    1. mayb don jazzy will wipe yours.

    2. Dat is rili funny...ROFLMAO..

  2. Lmao! Don jazzy? *rolling*
    But that was a really nice thing to Do! Highly commendable!
    Wish he cud wipe my tears tho (˘̩̩̩.˘̩̩̩ƪ)

  3. All dis our selfish celebrities wld never do dis or even learn from all dese yankee stars dey are trying 2 emulate.

  4. Sexiest musician on earth. I rem d 1st tym I saw his video, I was speechless. Damn, dt guy is freeking handsome


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