Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Stephanie Okereke Featured In Los Angeles Newspaper 'The LA Sentinel'

Newly wed, Stephanie Okereke - Linus was recently featured in The LA Sentinel, California's No. 1 African-American Newspaper. In it she speaks about her work and upcoming projects and tackling VVF (Vesicovaginal Fistula) an abnormality in some women that results in  continuous discharge of urine into the vagina.

I think it is an interesting project, what do you think?

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  1. which VVF , Oh please, when all this girls sleeping around and get their vagina damage from sleeping with different men, later in life they blame it on child baring or claim the have VVF... abeg she don't spoil market, her vagina muscle is loose that's why she's peeing on herself...

    1. Thank God u claimed annonymous would ve looked 4 u and lecture ur retarded brain on VVF.

  2. she wish that's what she have, when they are sleeping around to buy lace wig they don't know there is a end result.... her poor husband wants to marry a celeb for cheap fame, now he's got to pretend his enjoying sex with her. just my 2cent

  3. you don't say that cuz yu need to google ,read more on VVF and stop condemnin.... Can yu both b d 1st to throw stone?

  4. you can google it all you want, who sleep around more than white women, they are the one that wrote the foolish report, white woman will tell you i have only slept with 25men with a straight face...

  5. your mother is retarded


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