Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Peter Okoye Shops, And It's Strictly Louis Vuitton

Peter Okoye Shops, And It's Strictly Louis Vuitton, big boy things.

By the way why do they bother to show us, we know they are made with big bucks in their account. They should leave the showing off for you and I and you know, the upcoming celebs who just touched money for the first time. Just my opinion, don't you agree?

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  1. bid boys are doing their things in big ways ....

    i love his style
    keep it up added with cool music.
    sky will be your limit simdic_mywya@yahoo.com

  2. sweetie for him to be acting like a village boy,trust me its new money.They made their sacrifice so now they are for the first time seeing this kind of money thats why he cant help himslef.This one will never grow out of broke mentality period!!


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