Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Peter Okoye Seems To Be Enjoying Life As A Dad

It's obvious that Peter Okoye is really enjoying his vacation with his family especially with the arrival of the Aliona.  I read his tweet earlier today saying
"Vacation almost over.... Damnn *sadface* shows lined up but still thank God anyways, Ders nothin like family... No matter how u look at it" 
Hmmmm........ I'm loving this family man, cos truly family is important. I just hope he would finally get married to Lola.

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  1. Bt really chizy u need to take a chill!Yh marriage is a good tin bt den happiness is anoda.They seem api which is d most important,marriage aint a criteria.Their relationship is far better dan most married couples.Abeg abeg its nt about peter marryin her or smfin,u r makin it look pitiful,I'm sure dey ll sort dat,can d press let celebs live already!


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