Tuesday, 29 January 2013

New Trend Alert: Pairing A Flared Dress With Sneakers

I drop my hat to stylists because it's not easy especially in the ever changing woman's fashion world. Apparently it is now ok to pair a very girly dress with a very manly sneakers.

Let me tell you a secret, because of my hate for public transport and the lack of parking space at my work place, I got a place 20 minutes walk away from work. After a month of walking in heels to work I learnt my lesson and decided to stick to walking to work in flats (usually I change back to my heels  when I am a minute away from the office - you know I can't let anyone I know see me looking like that). I thought that was perfect till I started feeling a sharp pain underneath my foot caused by walking constantly on a flat surface. So apparently I can't walk to work in my heels nor can I in my flats, being a woman ain't easy you see, according to my doctor I have to walk to work in sneakers. Now imagine me geared up in my pencil skirt, ironed shirt and perfect make-up only to end up with sneakers on my foot.

Can you now imagine my excitement with this new trend. Ladies, will you try it? Guys what do you think of a girl who pairs a dress or skirt with sneakers?

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  1. I love the look its really chic and healthy for ur feet!


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