Tuesday, 22 January 2013

NBC Bans Koma Roll, Goldie's Skibobo, Psquare's Alingo, Chudy K and Flavour's Videos From Airing

I certainly wasn't expecting some of the videos on this list, do you agree with the NATIONAL BROADCASTING COMMISSION (NBC) or do you think they have gone a bit too far this time.

Remember over a year ago we reported HERE that they band 2shortz's Superman dead because he mentioned alomo in the video.

1. Tillaman ft. Vector- Koma Roll (contains erotic and suggestive dance steps)
2. Wande Coal- Go Low (scenes of nudity in the video)
3. D’Prince - Take Banana (contains erotic, vulgar words and suggestive dance styles)

4. Flavour- Shake (vulgar and suggestive dance steps)
5.  Goldie- Ski Bobo (featuring a minor with suggestive and immoral dance steps)
6. Chuddy K- Chop my dollar (features children and ladies with suggestive and erotic dance steps)
7. Timaya- Shake your Bum bum erotic and suggestive dance steps with vulgar lyrics.
8. Psquare- Alingo (erotic scenes at the end of the musical videos)

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  1. I like your blog, but your content section is small compared to your blog page. Cant you make your content section as wide as the width of the pictures in the caption section above, which I guess is the width of your content section + width of advert section on the right. Keep it up.

  2. why the hell will the ban goldie`s skibobo.i see nothing wrong with it.they better rethink their decision.

  3. tu bad ..... i no see anthing wrng with Alingo and goldie......d 1 of timaya let me say is bcos of d ikebe superb dese are d once i ave watch..........if dey can ban diz wat about ghana and nolly movies??? shmmmmm na bribe dem dey look 4,,,,,well d songs are rocking youtube na.... most expecially alingo make dem go ban am 4 dia shmmm yeye

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  5. I support the ban of goldie's skibobo. The suggestive dance step by that little boy at the beginning of the video was so wrong for his age!

  6. For Alingo, I do not see any tin wrong wth it bt dat of Goldie's,is jst dat 1st dance de little boy in de beginning. But com to think of it...hw abt all these movies wth nudty not only on de poster bt also in in de movies???


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