Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Nadia Buari Was An Alcoholic At Age 11

I seriously need someone to help me interpret the tweet below. Nadia is 30 years of age at the moment and according to her tweet she was an alcoholic 19 years ago. If you do the maths correctly that means she was already an alcoholic at age 11. How possible is that?


Well, am just glad that God saved her through her mom.

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  1. She's most probably older than 30! With ladies chopping off years off their age these days, how can one be sure her real age is 30!!!

  2. she is no longer an alcoholic, think thats what matters most.

  3. I dont get why ladies have an issue with their age...you can fool people but u cant fool yourself.I guess she forgot her stage age wont add up.Happy for her though.God is good


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