Saturday, 5 January 2013

Let’s Discuss: “You run into a married man who is good looking and experienced, you would be tempted to fall in love” Actress Amaka Anioji

I have never really understood why a lady who is expected to be looking for a life partner will instead get herself fixed with a married man. Clearly for university girls it has always been about the money but what about successful ladies eg our Nollywood stars?

In a recent interview, pretty actress Amaka Anioji was asked if she could date a married man, she responded thus;
“Well, it is frustrating. It can be tempting sometimes when you meet married men who are really very charming especially, when you have dated a single guy who is very annoying. You run into a married man who is good looking and experienced, you would be tempted to fall in love with him. 
But for me, I will always think of how dating a married man will affect people’s perception about me. Afterall, I am not going to marry the person but I’m more concerned about what people are going to say. I also considered how that thing will affect my relationship with God. Though it can be very juicy, I consider all that. I like to work and earn my living, it gives me joy”.

Finally somebody addressed this, according to the actress it is very tempting and can be very juicy to date a married man because they are very experienced.

What about you, have you dated a married man before? Why do you think ladies trip for them knowing fully well that they come with a lot of baggage?

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  1. Chizy there is nothing to discuss just disgusting!

  2. You run into food prepared and toiled for by another person. The food is not divinely prepared for you. You are ruled by greed and your steps are not ordered by The Lord, then you are a thief.
    Ask God to guide your steps every day that you do not fall into set traps looking juicy ......

  3. Ezeh I agree with u dere, how can some1 even consider such an atrocity 2 b juicy. Some women r loosing it.

  4. if u knw he is married, then all d charm, d experience, d kindness and all d shebang shld jes bcom a turn off for u immediately.... Well, she is right bout d juicy part tho..lolz.. Will be real juicy wen his wife and her other married friends pummels u and tells d media abt d pummeling...lolz... Dah wld be sum juicy sh*t mehn.. Hahahahahaha

  5. Is totaly wrong and ungodly. Is called fornicationadultery

  6. U guys dnt judge ha,if it comes ur way,u guys will dive @it.some married men treat u way better dan sigle guys,after all if u read well she said she won't marry him date only.and she jos said ha mind,onlike some people who will act like saints n still do married men.


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