Friday, 4 January 2013

Let's Discuss Homosexuality As BBC Takes Us "Inside Nigeria's Secret Gay Club"

Rashidi Williams a gay human rights activists
According to BBC's Tomi Oladipo account of Nigeria's secret gay club;
"About 50 people, mostly men, crowd around the front porch of a social club in Nigeria's biggest city, Lagos, cheering on a shy-looking young man, who proceeds to sing a ballad.

Backstage, another man puts on his wig and takes a quick glance at his pocket mirror, before adjusting his tight-fitting red dress.

Five other men also dressed in drag outfits appear, checking on each other's make-up as they wait for their turn to perform for the crowd.

"A friend invited me here a few months ago," one chatty spectator says excitedly. "I love this place because it makes me feel at home".
Start Quote"How does a government think that sending someone to prison would change his or her sexual orientation?” Kunle 
This gathering of members of the gay and lesbian community in Lagos is held regularly, albeit discreetly, but it could soon be illegal.
He added that "the vast majority of gay Nigerians may not be interested in this kind of event but they still have to hide their sexuality in this conservative society". 
This brings us to the discussion of the day, what is your opinion on homosexuality in Nigeria, was the government right in making it illegal? As you drop your comments please let us know where you reside because I suspect opinions will defer between those who live in Nigeria/ Africa and those in diaspora.

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  1. Right now am in abj.... I have said and i will still say it again.. They r making this homosexuality thing a big deal now bcos it is not normal... If it had originally been d design of God, nobody will care who is gay and who is not.... It goes against d natural order of things, so am totally against it. Nuff said

  2. If the bible approves, then I approve. If the Bible says no, I say no.

    The word of GOd says no
    Signs of the end times. What happened to Sodom and Gomorrah when they practiced that?

    1. Why will you assume everyone is a christian? And what about those who do not believe in God?

    2. Are you with light or darkness? Was Sodom and Gomorrah a godly nation..?which side you belong sef? History speaks for itself....every story refers years BC e.g 200BC...meaning before Christ! Or 200AD ..meaning after the death of Christ..... Dem don manipulate you too or u be one of there a religion on this earth that says this practice is ok...except paganism...are you from that side?

    3. @anon 18:31..go get delivered if you have such tendencies.....u support only what you practice or tolerate.....Only Jesus is Lord oooo!!!

  3. Homosexuality is EVIL!!!(Leviticus 18v22,Gen 13v13,Rom 1 v24-32,1corinthians 6v9-10 nd 6 6v18) and shldnt be legalize. Lagos Nigeria

  4. Homosexuality goes against nature!and so I say No!No!akwa ibom Nigeria

  5. I reside at anambra state;NIGERIA. I aint gay at all but all I ve gotta say is this:there is no need sending someone to prison cos he/she is gay cos it can't in anyway change the person's status at is kind of riduculous and disgusting but no matter the torture you give a gay;he or she remains a gay so I think all we have to do is make them feel better by not discriminating among them and the chances is that they will now live a better life among the normal people..Remember everyone has a freedom of life!!

  6. Surah Al-Araf (TMQ Dr Mohsin)

    And (remember) Lût (Lot), when he said to his people: "Do you commit the worst sin such as none preceding you has committed in the 'Alamîn (mankind and jinn)? (80) "Verily, you practise your lusts on men instead of women. Nay, but you are a people transgressing beyond bounds (by committing great sins)." (81)

    It is clear that Allah (swt) is telling us that the people of Lut invented this sin, Humankind had not done this before the people of Sodom (Lut's people) and therefore it can not be genetic.Lagos

  7. Am in abuja. Homosexuality is rampand in abuja among policians and the rich ones. I've not heard of them sending any1 2 prison cus of it cus d so called elites in nigeria r involved. 4 me,any1 who has a change of sexual preference needs prayers. I've head of a guy who was delivered 4rm it. This is what d people of sodom n gomorah that brought God's rote. If God wasn't happy about it that time then he wouldn't b now at dis present dispensation. On "the Doctor'sTV", research showed that ladies who were lesbian had a brain function like that of a male and men who were gay had their brain function like that of a female. 4 me, its demonic. I can't accept it but I will never castigate or alienate gay people instead I will help them out in2 d light of God word concerning it n tell them 2 renew their mind each day. The word of God is a weapon 2 overcome all that.

  8. Jenny said it all.....its evil!

  9. Well I hvnt seen a poor hungry man practicing homosexuality, na wen dem chop bellyful dem dey always find sum crazy tin add join body, let's even 4get religiou nw,our forefathers weren't like dt so it isn't normal nd I don't wanna blive anybody ws born gay.....ace

  10. is natt suposd too be discussed.tis just not right!

  11. I got my eye close...


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