Friday, 4 January 2013

Laide Bakare Tells Us Why She Owns "Four SUVs And Other Normal Cars"

In this interview, Laide Bakare tells us about her fleets of cars and she corrects speculations that suggests she didn't but them herself
It is being rumoured that the fleet of SUVs you cruise in was bought by one of yoursugar daddies, how true is that?
Lot of stories going around, I must say. But anyway, that’s Nigeria for you. Our African mentality. We tend to bring up issues at the slightest occurrence. As for me, I don’t know where this particular one emanated from. Maybe because I have four SUVs and other normal cars so they believe that someone out there must have bought them for me. Well, my love for big cars like Jeeps is not questionabale because that is what I inherited from my father.
While growing up, my father buys big automobiles a lot and also drives us around in them. And while we are in these vehicles, I also hear them talk about the latest Jeep in town, its features and stuffs like that. So since then, I just fell in love with big cars. I also travel a lot, when I go to America and I see the car that I like , I just go for it and send to Nigeria. And I bought them all with my money.

So you are saying that there was no time anybody bought you a car?
It doesn’t matter. But I just can’t get a car for a gift, it is not possible. I bought the four SUVs and the Honda car with my own money.

Which of them did the former Governor of Oyo State, Alao Akala buy for you?
I honestly don’t know where all those stories are coming out from. Nothing of such happened. He didn’t buy me anything. In fact Rita, enough of all these funny questions (laughs).

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  1. Na so she get money reach????

  2. All na vanity.. Shioor

  3. What should we nw do abt it...


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