Sunday, 20 January 2013

Keri Hilson Preaches Clean Shave For Men At The Gillete "Kiss & Tell" Event


The 30-year-old singer and song-writer Keri Hilson attended Gillette’s Kiss & Tell experiment at Santa Monica. She was seen promoting personal care products company, Gillette, who are conducting an experiment called "Kiss & Tell." The experiment required women to kiss bearded men before and after they are given a facial shave, and thereafter pick which kiss was better, the one before the save, or after shave. Obviously, the after shave kiss would be preferable. 

Even Keri Hilson expressed her love for men with a smooth and clean shave:

I'm pretty sure we're going to find that women prefer shaven to stubble, With men that I'm attracted do, I do actually like facial hair. I just want it to be clean. It's like coloring, Fellas. You know outside of the lines? Just get rid of that. Please. Daily or however often you need to do it so it doesn't hurt me. she said explaining that she does not hate people with moustaches or beards.
Keri Hilson rocked the event in a Robert Rodriguez tuxedo shirt, Viktor Luna heavy metal print blazer and L.A.M.B  slingback pumps. She looks cute and different from the usual Keri Hilson. 

Ladies, which do you prefer, Men with a smooth clean shave or men with beards?


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  1. dats coz she'z advertisin for gillette, i bet she likes her man unshaved and thick. Just sayin ♠

  2. After shave is very much better!! I agree with her


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