Wednesday, 23 January 2013

I Might Be Broke But At Least I Am Real, Azadus Tweets Reply To Critics.

Click for Full Image SizeI gave you a gist about Azadus coming off a bike last week holding a black nylon and we were wondering if it was his new swag or simply broke. Azadus has now boldly tweeted the reason behind the bike, the black nylon and what was in it. Lol! Read his tweet below.

Well, I've always known he's the humble type and I wish more Nigerians were like him to embrace their root and not be shy about it. If you missed the previous gist click here.

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  1. Hian, where did you see I might be broke in that tweet now

    1. LOL.thank you o...p.s chizy fix your blog...the border thing is too slim


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