Thursday, 3 January 2013

Good News: Terry Buys Himself A Range Rover Sport.

It seems 2013 is indeed a year filled with good tidings for Terry G. The Akpako master Terry G rode himself into the new year with a brand new (Tear rubber)  Range Rover Sport. His status has moved from being a BIG BOY to a BIGGER BOY. What a cool way to start a new year.

See the pictures of the Jeep below, its absolutely cute. What gifts have you bought for yourself since the begining of this year?

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  1. Terry gzus d madtman!! Thumbs up man;hardwork realli pays

  2. Congrats to him..BTW Chizy sm1 introduced ♍ε̲ to ur blog yesterday and i kinda like what I'm seeing..Ur gists are up to the minute..Keep it up gal..And yeah saw ur pix too..Gal Ʊ are cute..Why didn't Ʊ go for modelling??#Justasking#

  3. Chizy so finally you listened to my advise to remove that robot rubbish that pops up when one wants to comment,for this reason I prophecy that you would give birth to twins(a cute boy and a cute girl)reply by saying watching lol

  4. Chizy chizy so shall it be unto you amen!


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