Saturday, 26 January 2013

Denrele Edun Talks About His Ideal Woman And Debunks Gay Rumour.

Denrele Edun a top Nigerian model and presenter claims that, he is not a gay as widely believed. To further his claims he therefore talks about his Idea woman.

"That to me, is one of the sexiest attributes a lady can have. My ideal woman is a lady who is not afraid or ashamed to flaunt her sexuality. And if we are in the public and a man does not look at my lady, it mean there is something wrong somewhere. So the ideal woman that I strongly crave must be a head turner.
She should be able to cook; you might look at me like a broomstick , but I eat a lot. And this is very important; the woman I will spend the rest of my life with should have a wild streak because I wake up every morning with a loud shout(scream). I expect her to do same (screams harder).
I like my woman to have a good reading culture and she should be able to talk because me I am a chatterbox" say Denrele.

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  1. MsT: madam this is old na.. Sometin wey denrele don talk since lastyr. Hian!

    1. Ure so right, dis article is a very old one

  2. old or not i don't believe hes straight , the guy gay pass boy geroge


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