Friday, 4 January 2013

Davido's Father, Deji Adeleke Part Ways With Wife

Deji Adeleke, father of popular pop singer Davido is said to have seperated from his wife(Davido's step mum) which he married about 2yrs ago. The cans opened up to the media few days back when Deji Adeleke hosted his Annual family Thanksgiving and his wife was no where to be found. Her absence however prompted alot of unanswered questions by everyone.

Up till now, no one is able to ascertain the exact reason behind their seperation. So true is the saying "The rich also cry"            

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  1. There could b oda reasons for her nt been at d thanksgiving, let's not b hasty to conclude dey r seperated cos I hate hearing about divorce

  2. Chop an clean mouf

  3. Wow chizy ur d bst bloger in dis country alwayz 1st wit d newz, n I jst discovered ur blog afta ur wedin, on point.

  4. Don't mind them. Ndi ofe nmanu! #eyes rolling#

  5. She might be cooking inside naaa,hian!


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