Friday, 25 January 2013

Check Out Goldie Without Makeup

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Goldie shared a photo of herself early in the morning without makeup. How would you describe her early morning look without make up and photoshop?

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  1. She looks a whole lot better and younger without makeup

  2. mehn...she is still beautiful

  3. She should just drop those her lashes cos she Ends up looking like mother gagu!
    Love her without make-up tho..not as bad as u'd expect!

  4. o! my! she is so beautiful without makeup

  5. Looks younga and swit witout make up. Buh looks scary wt make up on

  6. Wow!she's beautiful without makeup

  7. Pls dats not goldie without make up mbok definatly not her

  8. Dats nat her... Ol 2geda, na I.R Baboon meets pop d weasel... No animal classificatn wud b good enuf for her.. She shud jes b made a different class of animal entirely where her n azzezat wud b champions..


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