Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Big Brother Africa's Millicent Mugadi Wins Party Election

Big Brother Africa's Millicent Mugadi from Kenya is not just tall and sexy, as has just won the first stage of elections to become a council boss in Kenya. She seems to be 
the only lady seriously working hard at her political party, TNA to beat the male opponents  By the way,  presidential flag bearer for TNA is the son of the Kenya's first President, Jome Kenyatta, Uhuru.

Speaking about it she said;     

"I won my party elections as the Councilor where I wrestled politically with the incumbent councilor. I will be battling out with other political parties come March 4th this year. I could not believe that politics and movies are different ball games entirely. In fact, acting is not the same thing as politics as I saw hell since my incursion into politics. But, sincerely, we must give it to African women who are making relevance in politics, they have really tried to beat the menfolk to it, now I know it's not a day's job at all. I am so humbled by the kind of support I received during the last primaries from my people and hope by 4th of March, God will give us victory over other opposition parties. For now, I'm the only lady so far in my area," 

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