Monday, 7 January 2013

All Babcock Students To Undergo Compulsory Drug Test

Babcock university will conduct a compulsory drug test on their students, both male and female, upon resumption. Apparently a good number of students tested positive last year and were given a 1year suspension, some funny Nigerians have suggested a virginity/ pregnancy test as well.

Do you think this is the way forward for Nigerian universities? Or are you like those who believe that as a University (not a primary or secondary school) this is a step too far?

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  1. Adults shld not be treated like this(especially if a virginity test is done as already suggested by some). I don't really buy the idea but dey don't ve an option cos it is a private uni. students jst ve to obey

  2. ℓ̊ support the drug test thing cos its unlawful to do drugs but not virginity test.. Common!! Dats personal, they are adults with raggin hormones...

  3. Hehehehe
    I'm a student in one of d country's private uni, nd I c no big deal
    We went in2 dese skuls knwing dey follow christian doctrines.. So?

  4. There's nothing wrong. With the drug test, buh VIRGINITY test? Why nao. Abeg they are adults ₪☹.t children


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