Monday, 7 January 2013

Actress Ufoma Ejenebor Shows Off Her Baby Bump, Son And Husband Steve McDermott

Wow what a beautiful family, we saw part of the photo collection over the christmas, now we have the rest. The actress, Ufuoma Ejenobor gave birth to her son in October and ever since, she hasn't relented in showing off the beautiful family.

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  1. Beautiful family

  2. She shouldn't have shown these pix of her baby, the baby is too young for all these photo shoot,therefore making him look unhealthy, its a NO from me though, ufuoma this isn't just kool, try something better next time.No hating,I'm a fan and I wish the baby quick growth, cheers.

    1. I agree with u...beautiful baby but she should av waited a few more months when d baby go don chop up.

  3. I love dis,I wanna marry a white man oooooo.lord let him locate mi,n good pics ufoma...chizy good job

  4. De baby doesn't look healthy.Ribs all seen.


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