Monday, 31 December 2012

Why Are Most Nigerian Comedians From Delta State?

Have you noticed that most comedians in Nigeria are from Delta state especially from Warri? For example Alam Bloo, D Don, Ali baba, I go Die, Gordons, So Plenty, MC Shakara  - I could go on and on. When D Don was asked about this he said;
"The thing is that, just like Raggae is synonymous with people from Jamaica, comedy is our way of life in Delta State. Funny enough, we are really not funny to each other over there. But when we come to Lagos, Abuja and some other places, people usually find us funny, so we decided to do business out of it". 
Comedian Plenty Mouth seemed more emotional when he spoke of it, he said;
In those days they use Warri to depict the crime side of the society in comedy. It is either Warri boy did this or that. In those days they use to hear a lot of kidnapping incidents in Warri. But it is not like that in this present dispensation. This is because most of the jobless youths have created talent and profession for themselves in comedy. This had created means of livelihood for many of the idle youths. This is why Warri is standing out as the city of comedians. From Ali Baba, I go die, to Gordons. Just name it. The numbers of comedians are growing from Warri daily. They have been encouraging the youths to take their mind away from criminal acts and get talent that will keep them busy.
Comedian Alam Bloo takes a very different approach to things, he believes comedy can stop Boko Haram
If entertainment can stop apartheid in South Africa, so why can't comedy stop Boko Haram in Nigeria? With serious entertainment, we can stop Boko Haram, robbery and every other evil thing that is happening in Nigeria. For instance, in Lagos, when you kick out all the Okada riders out of the streets, what are they going to do next? Have you provided them with any other jobs? By so doing, you are making them go into evil deeds, because an idle man is the devil’s workshop.
What do you think is the main reason why most comedians are from Delta state, I'm now trying to think of all my Delta state friends, could it be that they are naturally funny from birth?

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  1. Coz we're funny people. Period !!!

  2. 1.Cus of there funny pigeon english 2. Cus of poverty especially in warri area 3. Cus its in there blood. My uncle wanted 2 marry a warri girl he told me when he got 2 the park n asked 4 direction he nearly laughed himself 2 death. They have 2 characters in d opposite direction. The r funny n also violent.

  3. Their accent is jst too funny!! Lol


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