Monday, 3 December 2012

Sarkodie And R2Bees Pull Out of "Top of The World Celebration" Concert Because Psquare Was Paid More.

You really have to hear this, Sarkodie And R2Bees Pull Out of  "Top of The World Celebration" Concert. According to words on the street they pulled out because they were paid less than Psquare. Guys i need your help here, because I truly don't understand. Do you think they should have done that?

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  1. What madness makes them think they are up to psquare level.

  2. They are equally a star as P-Square....they did just right.

  3. Every Artist has their customer base and theirs is not up to Psquare client base and the reaction from Psquare client base can't be compared to theirs in any way the amount Psquare is paid for shows is more than any other artist because of their value if sarkodie and R2Bees can't step their game to that level that is their problem they should stop behaving childish just as Eedriss did in the past ....
    Let's do some maths even comparing Sarkodie and R2Bees , R2Bees have more potential to make it big than Sarkodie may get modenine fame but R2bees may get bracket fame why look at the market how many yo..yo people are in the afr hip hop listeners just some of the youths not even all but they still listen to afro dancehall and afro pop giving R2Bees and age but coming to Psquare the cut across every milieue of afro hip hop listeners they do R n B, afro dance hall , afro pop they even did some rap things and are very good dancers not to forget their trade mark quality videos...they duo acted's called player hating...


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