Thursday, 27 December 2012

Ruggedman, Lizzy Anjonrin, Kenny Saint Best And Iyabo Ojo's Expectations For 2013.

Year in year out, people make lists of what they are looking forward to, in the coming year. Some people achieve theirs, while others don't. Regardless of the outcome of their expectations, they still move ahead as they roll over to the new year. They either continue with the previous agenda, add to it or a create a new one entirely. Lizzy Anjorin, Ruggedman, Iyabo Ojo and Kenny Saint Best revealed their expectations.

Lizzy Anjorin a yoruba nollywood star actress said;
 "Government should do something about electricity and fuel. Without light there's not much to life. And as for me, I just want to work harder and appreciate myself more". 
 While Ruggedman a musician said;
"I pray to take my personal and professional life to the next level. I have big plans for Rugged records and our new artiste, Mbryo. And on the part of the government, I pray God touches their hearts, because it is obvious they dont listen to the masses". 
 Also, this is what Iyabo Ojo said;
"Very high expectations. It is more than me, but i trust God to do it. I'm trying to open an african  restaurant  that's what i'll be up to next. And then i want to shoot my first full English movie. I pray I meet up".
Kenny Saint Best said;
"I dont expect anything from the government as the issue of providing basic amenities for the masses has been over flogged. So, personally i aspire to impact positively in the lives of our vulnerable teenagers. I equally want to teach people".
Now that we've peeped into a few of that of the celebs, what are your very own expectations for the new year or resolutions?

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  1. To stop smoking. And drinking beer


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