Thursday, 27 December 2012

PHOTO: Chris Brown Snubs A Fan + Video Of His $1m Performance In Lagos

Na wa for Chris Brown though? She was just an excited fan.

By the way, did you hear Chris Brown was paid $1m for his 2 hours Lagos performance? According to my calculation that is N156m.

Watch a bit of his N156m naira performance below and tell me, do you think he was overpaid?

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  1. Hello!! Ds pic old like metuselah old!! Nd no be lagon Pple ehn...

  2. kai see money, no wonder everyone in nigeria is a musician. with tables at N1m i'm not surprised he was paid that much

  3. Cnt see d video

  4. To see a video in ur blog is almost impossible.

  5. I saw and watch the video haba. The money worth it. Chris na star.

  6. Thank you guys for your patience, it seems the problem with videos only affected those viewing on mobiles.
    We have now rectified the problem, you will notice it in future posts.


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