Friday 28 December 2012

Is Trey Songz Gay?

Am sure you Trey Songz fans, are seriously worried right now over the topic especially you ladies. Actually that wasn't him, it's  just a guy trying to get the ladies off Trey, so ladies your fine fresh boy is still very much intact, you still have a chance. lol! Apparently the guy that made the hoax picture is Enrique Araujo, some people are just so mean. lol! Well, Trey wasn't really bothered, he just can't wait to enjoy his holidays with his lovely family. Read his tweet below.

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  1. i almost had a heart attack. when next is Trey coming to naija cos i must be there - front row

  2. Hahaha omo see love.ooooooo
    Spanish pepl sef


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