Thursday, 6 December 2012

Female fans faint as P-Square performs in Accra

Different kinds of emotions could spring forth out of contentment, excitement, and enthusiasm.  All these were displayed by the thrilled fans of P-Square at the Malta Guiness "Top Of The World Celebration" concert in Accra, Ghana. During this concert, P-Square dished out amazing performance that made the  crowd scream for more, and out of great excitement, some female fans fainted. P-Square had to stop the performance so that the fainting fans could get medical attention. Peter says "Anytime we perform on stage and see dem fainting.. It scares da sh*t out of me.. But I still luv u all." I guess P-Square has to get used to seeing thier fans faint cos its now a norm with musicians, afterall it happened in different concerts with Michael Jackson, R-Kelly, 2-Face amongst others.
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