Wednesday 26 December 2012

15Yr Old Nicaraguan Boy Having Sex With Chickens

15yr old Alexander in Nicaragua admits that he has been enjoying sex with chickens ever since he's been 11yrs old. This is absolutely disgusting! I really can't fathom how humans enjoy sex with animals, I've heard of sex with dogs, cows and other sorts of animals, but not with birds. You really need to watch this video and see how lightly his mother takes the whole issue. She even suggested getting him a prostitute to replace the chickens. I trust Naija mothers, the boy would probably be in the hospital by now. Even the chicken fells on top of the world in the arms of her sex-partner. Watch the video and share your thoughts on this disgusting act.

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  1. I no fit laugh, are u for real? Wow! Lol,..., God pls forgive d human race. 1st to comment lol

  2. That's just disgusting! Chizzy abeg dis post happen for real?smh

  3. If yoou no fit laff naaa,go cry!loooooool

    This video na photoshop jooor

  4. Why is it very hard to watch video on this ur blog and also very difficult to comment cos of this "robot nonesense suggesstion" pls u need to work on all this cos it really makes it hard for people to comment on ur blog and also post comments don't be too selective,try and post d good and bad comments dts d fun of blog but urs u r too selective which makes ur blog bored and am sure u won't post this but thank God u will surely read it....enjoy ur marriage and I hope u visit other blogs and see how dey run theirs!!! Am so pissed wenever I want to comment cos of this nonsense stress

    1. Thank you guys for your patience, it seems the problem with videos only affected those viewing on mobiles.
      We have now rectified the problem, you will notice it in future posts.

  5. Pls dear act on dat suggestion of anonymous@

  6. This person really made sense abeg work on this robot issue and work on the comments....he made a very objective critism and I agree with the anon 100percent

  7. SMH!!.. I actually was looking forward to seeing him bang the hen...LOL... But some people are possessed sha...SMH

  8. Comment!just 2 see hw difficult hehehe

  9. Hehehe!na konji hold am reach dt level

  10. Nat cing da video, were did it go?

  11. Damn! Dats really crazy


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