Monday, 19 November 2012

WADUP.COM.NG Accuses Eldee Of Stealing The 'KOKOMA' Dance Concept

I guess twitter fight is now a daily occurrence, WADUP.COM.NG partners @WillAdebo and @dappyboy0489 are accusing Eldee of stealing their concept for the 'KOKOMA' Dance Competition after they tabled it to him in a meeting organised by Don Jazzy.

It's all drama on twitter till now as @willadebo has exchanged about 75 tweets in the last 7hours regarding this matter, so i can't paste all of it here, just visit his twitter handle HERE

On the other hand, Don Jazzy has cleared his name out of the matter. He tweeted the below messages after which he leaked a private message with one of the WADUP.COM partners which ultimately cleared his name from the matter.

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