Wednesday 7 November 2012

Romey vs Obama:- If USA Was Nigeria, What Will Today's Newspaper Headline Be?

Barack Obama supporters celebrate as he America's first black president was re-elected some hours ago where he secured 303 votes, 33 more than the required 270, Mitt Romney secured 206 votes.  Obama promised to return to the White House;
 "more determined, and more inspired than ever about the work there is to do, and the future that lies ahead".
If USA was Nigeria, what do you think today's headlines will read? Here are a few suggestions, don't forget to come up with yours ...

· Don't celebrate yet, Romney tells Obama (TELL magazine)

· Concede defeat, Obama urges Romney (Punch newspaper)

· 20 opposition cadres riot (The Sun newspaper)

· Romney Demands Vote Recount (Vanguard newspaper)

· Elections rigged (Guardian newspaper)

· No evidence of manipulation (NTA news)

· The Church declares elections free and fair (News Line)

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· There will be violence if we lose; Romney declares (LTV 8 news)

· Election results for Arizona awaited (Channels news)

· Trucks with suspected ballot papers crosses into USA from Mexico (Tribune newspaper)

· Romney is an opportunist - Go back to your farm (AIT news)

· I will not accept results, Romney tells Obama (STV news)

· McCain heads to Election Petition Tribunal (MITV)

· White Majority rejects results (PM News)

· Kenyan Big Boy Senator Obama Throws Lavish Party to celebrate Election Victory (City People)

· Free for all fight at Obama rally in Grant Park (Channels TV)

· Northern elders, Arewa and Sultan rejects results (ThisDay)

· Republicans and Democrats supporters clash in Ketu and Ajangbadi, 14 dead, Romney threatens more heads will roll.

· The people behind Obama's victory: True story uncovered... Newswatch. 

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