Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Nollywood Actors and Actresses Now Marry Foreigners or Those Based Abroad For Green Card

I read the below article on FashionBuzzOfficial, and though it may come across as being too generalized, do you think there is an atom of truth in it? I personally don't know why but there has certainly been a trend with our celebrities marrying either foreigners or Nigerians based in foreign countries and in my opinion, it may not be a case of green card, do you think they just don't like our Nigerian men/ women?

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Nollywood Actors Do They Marry For Love or For Green Card?
It is a known fact that 66% of our so called Nollywood actors are in one way or the other engaged to foreign based spouse. In fact, the number of the ones who got married for love is not up to 2% according to our research.  
Unarguably, marriage is for better or worse, but in this situation, our Nollywood divas go for 'gold' in marriage this is why you will never find them with any low class Nigerians for marriage.  
Starting from Regina Askia, the leggy queen of beauty, married to a certain Otokoto Igbo man, Charles, the well-educated and very eloquent queen of beauty surprised her fans when she was having a romance with the man. When the hit was too much, Regina found her way to America where she got hooked to a certain American, Williams. 
Since that time till date, Nigerian entertainers have all turned their back to the local 'breeds' as they go for international lovers who are ready to spoil them silly with foreign treatment and money. 
I think some of them may have married for love, but I couldn't help but wonder why their partners either are white, American/Canadian/British/Indian/Italian citizens...'e get as e be shaa'. 
Recently, Flavor N'abania is being said to have been engaged to a white lady to mention a few. The likes of Uche Jombo, Uche Elendu, Tricia Eseigbe, Ini Edo etc all married Nigerians but who are foreign based personalities, except Uche who exempted herself by marrying a white man. 
The major reason these Nigerians abroad are keen on marrying our actresses is because, over there, they see them as superstars and in most cases, some of their spouses are likely to be into shady deals who often bet with their mates that so and so person would be 'bedded' on her invitation abroad 
Well, it's only a fool that will not reason in that direction considering the high rate in which their wedding collapsed on irreconcilable differences.

Funke Akindele,OMO OKO NI E JARE!
By the way, i found this comic video titled "Africa Today Show #27 Get You a White Man"

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