Wednesday, 14 November 2012

MOB JUSTICE:- Two Ladies Stripped Naked On The Street For Indecent Dressing

This is another case of jungle justice, why do our African brothers and sisters feel the need to take the law into their hands? We are not done crying over the ALUU 4 incident, yet about 5 other similar situations has been reported in just a few months. From the ALUU incident, we have learnt that very often, people are unsure about the real situation that went on before they carry out justice, hence, people are still not certain about whether or not these boys did what they were killed for.

Is this uncertainty not enough reason for the African public to frown at Mob/ Jungle justice? In regards to these two ladies' case, which happened in Cameroon, 'they said' the girls were dressed indecently. Now tell me, who is the judge of what is and isn't indecent? Where a man walks around in boxers or takes a shower on the street is that indecent? The lady at a public beach in her bikini, is that indecent?

Please I would like to know your thought on this, for me its simple - we do not want mob justice and maybe the government should should create a better system to uphold the law and make the citizens more aware, that way individuals won't feel the need to decide their fellow man's faith. This is just disgraceful and inhuman.

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  1. Jungle justice my foot. Sounds like a couple of perverts out for a thrill to me. I will never understand how the solution to seeing a woman you think is "under dressed" is to strip her naked, take her photo with your phone and molest her. kmt

  2. this is very barbaric, i think a stronger measure needs to be put in place to checkmates these animals who take pleasure in stripping a woman naked.


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