Friday 2 November 2012

Claiming Relationship:- Lady On Facebook Claims She Gave Birth To Teju BabyFace

Someone tell me this is not for real? We know the usual 'Ah Genevieve is my sister because we are from the same village' or 'I know D'banj well well because i saw him once on stage at an event'. But if the below facebook message is not a joke, then this claiming relationship thing has been taken to a different level.

The lady claims she gave birth to Teju, the comedian laughed it off by asking his fans on facebook;
I got this from someone o. Right on this page! I mean, how does one even address this? Lol. If na you, wetin you go do?' (What would you do if you were in my shoes?)
Please advise Teju on what he should do

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  1. Ignore her please,she is a gold digger.


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