Saturday, 17 November 2012

City People Reporter Seyi Kehinde Is Crazy About Cossy Orjiakor

City People reporter, Seyi Kehinde is addicted to the sexy Nollywood actress Cossy Orjiakor, but hey I don't blame him, who wouldn't after meeting and seeing her assets? A lot of her male twitter fans are dying for that opportunity.

In City People's just published 'City People at 16' edition, Seyi interviewed the actress who is about to launch her debut music album, but reading the interview which supposedly lasted 2hours, all Seyi could focus on was discussions about her boobs and according to Cossy's tweet;
"He confessed to keeping tap on my boobs even b4 i knew my bra size ... I bet he wanks to all those photos"
Lol... I believe her, some of the photos he published in that edition are as old as 10years some of which are not even online, i bet he has been collecting them for almost a decade, he is definitely her number 1 fan. 

For those of you tweet fans dying to meet Cossy, think again, it seems she's addictive 

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