Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Should Ladies Ask Guys Out On Dates And For Their Hand In Marriage?

Do you see anything wrong  if a woman propose to a man? am wondering whether you agree with the fact that times are changing and roles reversing? Some people say gone are the days when the guys are expected to play the "Alpha" role in the relationship. Girls are now asking guys out on dates and for their hand in marriage. Some say: 
Its not condone-able at all.
Some say : 
Husband dey hard to get.
Some say :
 If the mountain refuses to come to mohammed, then mohammed will rush to the mountain.
While another person said: 
Though in Africa, it may be seen as an absurdity for a woman to ask a man out let alone woo him. But to me, I do not see anything wrong in a woman asking a man out or even wooing him. Honestly, I will forever hold in high esteem any girl that can summon up the courage to walk up to me and sincerely express her feelings of love for me. She will surely be my heroine. I think we have passed that primitive age when it was seen as an aberration. The world has developed and we should start behaving like civilized people.
Is this a condone-able trend? Share your thought 

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  1. Ladies shudnt ask guys out,cos me I can't.see d guy on d pics.he looks gay cos a lady Is proposing


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