Monday 15 October 2012

Dr Sid Issues A Statement Over The Leaked Audio Conversation With Davido

Dr Sid has used his twitter page to address issue of the leaked controversy conversation between him and Davido, aruging over D'banj. Incase you missed it click HERE to get the full gist. Well according to Dr Sid, he said
Hi tweeps hope everyone is having a good day?, please permit me to address the issue of the recording that was released this weekend. I had a PRIVATE conversation with people I trusted (Kamal, Dbanjs' associate Evil, Godfather, Davido, B-Red)......I'm entitled to my opinion and its unfortunate that this happened…Sadly,
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someone chose to record this private conversation and release it to the public......However, this has taught me a valuable lesson on who to and not to speak with, but life must goes on...

Meanwhile Kayswitch tweeted this yesterday: Dr dr doing wat he does best! Eeyaaah

My question is this? who leaked the recorded audio conversation? And rumor has it that the recording was done by the former Mo’Hits hypeman Special Ed, who was also present in the room. Not too long after the leaked conversation story surfaced online, Special Ed tweeted ‘U know say! @ d end of the day I will alwaiz b ah bad man!!!!’ Davido immediately retweeted him.

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