Thursday, 6 September 2012

Wizkid in Twitter Fight Against UK Based Nigerian Rapper

Super star singer Wizkid dished out some heavy lines to UK based Nigerian rapper, Fresh L on twitter. It kick started when Fresh L tweeted that his label mate, BOJ was better than Wiz: “WizKid is actually Great and creative! BOJ has a lot of room to still grow and he is UNIQUE.. thats y i put him as no1 not cuz hes in DRB.” He added, “BOJ, WIZKID .. in that order.”

Trust wizkid na, he replied sharply: F**k that nigga Fresh L, his crew,Label,management and every1 else that lied to him about his wack a** career!”

Wizkid saw things were getting a lil bit rough, he tweeted this: “Sorry my ppl…..y’all know i’m not like this….but f**k the nigga still!!!…moving r u guys doing 2day?”

Tell me, what you do you think  of this twitter battle between Wizkid and Fresh L?
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