Tuesday 25 September 2012

Reader's Letter: Let Us Discuss Premarital Sex

I know you will accuse me of dedicating most of today's posts to premarital sex. This morning i wrote about Uche Ogbodo who told us how she lost her virginity HERE, and a few minutes later I wrote HERE about Stella Damasus workshop to teach young ladies about  premarital sex and how to resist.

Since we are in the spirit of 'premarital sex lecture', i thought i'll put up this story one of our readers sent through this morning. Read through and share your thoughts on premarital sex in this day and age (male and female opinion needed), should we now treat it as a way of life or should ladies stand their ground and wait till marriage.

Read the letter below
Hi chizzy, pls there is a frnd of mine who is in a serious merse right nw, she told me nt 2 publish dis bt i jst want 2 help her. D story goes like dis-  
 Ella was a virgin and she vowed never to loose it to any man unless her husband, but as time goes on, she was raped dat was how she lost her virginity. Ever since she lost it, she developed hatred for men, as ti
me goes on a guy called Taiwo started following her around, so Ella decided to give Taiwo a try, on there first outing Taiwo wanted sex but Ella refused so there was no sex, there second outing they had sex, and since then sex became the topic, they had sex at every given time, all of a suden, Taiwo began to change his altitude, he no longer calls Ella unless he wanted sex, so two days ago a friend of taiwo had a party and Taiwo was made the M C , Taiwo did't inform Ella of the party, so Ella went there on a normal visit and she was shocked by seeing the crowd. She just got her self a chair and sat down without altering a word to her boyfriend so after the party, she went to approach Taiwo but he never borderd listening to her. Ella got angry and left, since then Taiwo have't called or even send an sms. Pls i need ur advice and dat of the public, whot do u really think abt this relationship.
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