Monday, 3 September 2012

Is Kenny St Brown The Reason Why NBC Banned Wande Coal's Video, 'Go Low'

Following the release of Wande Coal's video, 'Go Low', gospel singer Kenny St Brown took to twitter to express her disgust in the level of nudity. Here are some of her tweets;
"Naked girl in Wande Coal's new video is a thumb down from me. We have kids watching. You are bringing nudity back to Nigerian videos to increase cases of rape in our society. It has stopped. Please stop it.  
"We don't want rape cases to increase. Please Wande Coal and Don Jazzy, stop this nudity in your videos before God stops you.  
"Wande Coal, my dear brova.... the mercy and d favour of God are d elements that brot you this far o, not nude girls in your video. Nana" 
A number of twitter users didn't agree with her and as expected they rained curses on her, just a week after that incident, the video was banned on air by NBC, and again, twitter users are taking out their anger on her, click READ MORE to see her reply to them .....

Is KSB the reason for the ban? Are twitter users just being over dramatic?  Was NBC right to ban the video on local TV stations? What do you think?

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  1. Well who said life is easy. It is a video!!!!!

  2. Everyone needs to calm DF down!


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