Tuesday 25 September 2012

"How Did You Loose Your Virginity?" Uche Ogbodo Tells Us.

No doubt one shouldn't be a hypocrite, hence let's not fault Uche Ogbodo for proudly sharing such story with the public, but when you remember that teenagers live up to celebrities, and no doubt they will come across this interview, then I begin to question her actions. Anyway read excerpts from the interview below;

How did you lose your virginity?As I said earlier, I met my first boyfriend at 20. I came from a Christian home and was trained by Christian parents. My father made sure we imbibed the Christian values and this helped me very much in my career as an actress. I actually thought that as a Nollywood actress I was ripe enough to have a boyfriend and this will make me feel more sophisticated. I did not lose my virginity to an actor, you know. 
How did you lose it?I did not stumble on losing my virginity, I was ready for it and I knew what I was getting into. 
How did you feel as a woman after losing your virginity?I was ready, I felt like I was ready to bring the world down. I felt like whatever it is, bring it on.
While we are on the topic of 'virginity' and premarital sex, actress Stella Damasus is holding a free event to to inspire young ladies on premarital sex and how to resist. Read about it HERE

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