Thursday 20 September 2012

Halima Abubakar Is The New Nikki Minaj. Check Out Her New Look

Halima Abubakar is the new Nikki Minaj as she rocks her new look. Do you like?

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Image via LiailaIkeji


  1. Nicki Minaj ko ,Moladun kenkelewu ni.........
    Chubby say so!

  2. Drag queen, I don't know who told this woman or tranny that she has a good fashion sense

  3. She is lukin xtimly sexy gud nd sweet bt wat abt yh name I mean halima abubakar tink abt it thu serusly I luv it......thumbs up

  4. Nicki minaj indeed!not even close2Nicki....

  5. Its kool on her bt she doesn't look like nicki

  6. OMG!!!! She looks horrible. Y cant nigerians ever be original? Geez!

  7. nigerians dis is d problem we have we cant appreciate wat we have bt we go ahead loving other countries and all.... she rocks d outfit she looks extremely beautiful and if u are so damn angry abt dt why nt atleast acheive a little if wat she have nw and paste ur pic so we can rate it...grow up pple dont neglect ur own pple chai...

  8. nigerians dis is d problem we have we go around admiring and encouraging other countries for me she rocks d outfit and she looks so gorgeous bt if u dont like her keep it to ursef and try to acheive a little of what she have and stop d critics abeg.. bad belle people...


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