Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Ghanaian BBA Representative, Confidence Haughan Reveals, "“Yes I never attended a secondary school"

Some of you remember Confidence Haughan because of her raunchy pictures that flooded the internet after her time on Big Brother Africa. But recently she revealed a secret during a life TV interview when a viewer sent a text to the hostess “Ask Confidence which secondary school she attended?”

Surprisingly, Confidence replied;
 “Ok I never attended secondary school. That is my secret ... Yes I never attended a secondary school. I started hustling from JSS (Now JHS) and that was it. It is not like I didn’t want to attend secondary school but I didn’t have the means so I started hustling”, she revealed.
Confidence, who is also the CEO of Aphrodisiac Night Club got emotional after the revelation and the TV hostess had no choice than to pause for a commercial break for Confidence to put herself together. Confidence is preparing to  launch her new Konfidence Shoes, Bags and Accessories brand on Sunday September 9, 2012 at the Aphrodisiac Night club


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  1. Tying hard to be relevant SMH for her


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