Monday 24 September 2012

Genevieve Nnaji Smokes

Here is an excerpt from the new Bestseller book titled ''NOLLYWOOD TILL NOVEMBER'' by Charles  Novia concerning Genevieve Nnaji :
I remember on the third day of recording, one night while shooting at a clinic in Victoria Garden City Extension, I came out for a bit of fresh air while the technical people were setting up for the next scene. I saw Genevieve in a dark corner of the building, smoking a cigarette. ‘Whoops! You caught me’, she said, laughing. ‘You smoke?’ I asked, a bit surprised. ‘Now and then. It relaxes me ’ she said. ‘Do you smoke?’ ‘Never have. Never will. But I don’t have any problems with people who smoke though. But health wise, I hope you stop soon.’ I replied. ‘I am trying to. Sit with me a bit, lets talk about this scene ’ I sat with her and I explained some few things to her about the scene. We also talked about a bit of her stardom and how she was coping with it. She was in a chatty mood and it was a revealing conversation.
And even if Genny smokes, is she the first person to do so? abeg ee. Leave matter alone jor
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  1. she has her life to leave, free her jor!

  2. This charles novia dude seems to be desperate for some sort of relevance...revealing the secrets of actors hes worked with aint right.....uncle charles try producing a blockbuster &leave Genny&Omo T alone biko......chubby!

  3. lol gene fans to the rescue if its someone else like susan peter or tonto it would become you people's life

  4. That's her headache


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