Thursday, 6 September 2012

Eedris Abdulkareem tells OBJ "You be my MUGU"

Imagine calling the Ex President of the Federal republic of Nigeria, "You be my MUGU".. Eedris Abdulkareem continued the cold war between him and OBJ, as he responds to the latest critics from OBJ. OBJ who criticize Eedris by saying

 "how could a sane man dare to call his country jajajaja? It is the height of blasphemy"
Eedris has replied OBJ on twitter with this words:

''its obvious that obasanjo cant do without me am his joy therappy mr expresident nigeria still dey jagajaga infact worst pass jagajaga''
"president obasanjo if you trully love gudluck as u claimed why dont you talk to your fellow boko haram member to ket gudluck rule in peace"

 "obasanjo na my mugu oooo na jeje i dey u dey look for trouble oooo.... hahahahahhahahahahhahahah"

"obasanjo thank you for making me a star infact talk more about me am inspired."
"dis is 12years after innocent people are dying boko haramm is bombing hard and u say naija no jagajaga, mr ex president u be my mugu."

Will this cold war between OBJ and Eedris ever end? share your thoughts

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