Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Chai!. 8 solid years of marriage between Zaaki Azzay and Hadiza Azzay is now history. The union which produced 3 children crashed 4 months ago, although we all are just getting to find out now. The ex couples have engaged in a bad custody battle and the police in now involved in the case.

Hadiza is said to have packed out of her husband's house on the 17th of April 2012, after been badly battered by her husband ( Zaaki ) a day before. She succeeded in taking along with her, two of her children, while her eldest daughter is still living with her dad.



Hadiza Azzay who is only 29 years old complained that, he had been battering her for years now and sometimes he beats her into unconsciousness. All through these, her family has always told her to go back to her husband for the sake of their innocent children. She said she had left him twice in last year, but always return back on every occasion because of the so much pressure from her family and loved ones. But since the battering continued, she has decided to finally quit the marriage regardless of what anybody says, because she is scared of dying.

Hadiza who was just a house wife, has since after leaving her husband, been under the care of an NGO, that takes care of battered women. Her and her children have been given shelter and her case has been taken up.

Presently, she is under the custody of the police for allegedly kidnapping her own children. She declares that Zaaki has been using the police to harass her. She is expected to drop an official press statement soon, telling her own side of the story.

If this is what she has truly been suffering, then it's not fair at all oh !!!.

I'll definitely give you guys every update that comes out of this story with time.

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