Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The sexiest part of me is my personality- Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim is a Ghanaian actress of Liberian and Lebanese descent. Considered the "fresh face" of Gollywood - nickname for Ghana's movie industry, Juliet made her film debut in Crime to Christ, 2007 co-starring Majid Michel.

If you are thinking the sexiest part of her is anything physical, the Gollywood actress says you are very  far from it. she said. ”

The sexiest part of me is my personality.Once you get to know me well, my easygoing nature and bluntness will make you like me more and more. I know most would expect me to mention my shape and other features but i believe that no matter how beautiful and sexy one is on the outside, it’s the inner beauty that counts
 So guys which part of her is sexy? forget her personality jor

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