Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Reactions of Nigerians on twitter #SongsBetterThanKukereRemix.

So many twitter peeps are having so much fun with #SongsBetterThanKukereRemix. The kukere remix that featured koko master himself is now a play thing on twitter as many tweet peeps have accused Dbanj of ruining the hit song.

This is currently trending right now on Twitter as users share their opinion
#SongsBetterThanKukereRemix ds is super story...a life of smetn smetn.  
#SongsBetterThanKukereRemix Mama do good oh , she give us indomie.  
#SongsBetterThanKukereRemix My daddy's Car horn pressed 3 times  
#SongsBetterThanKukereRemix Nigerian National Anthem.
What do you music lovers think? Is this another case of twitter users just having a laugh or is the remix just as bad as they say?

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