Thursday, 23 August 2012

PHOTOS: Mass Weddings all over the World

Real Mass weddings take place all over the globe several times a year, and not just among ethnic groups, religion or cults. A lot of people choose to take part  in mass weddings in order to share the financial stress of the tying the knot.

In Nigeria earlier this year, a group of divorcees and widows tied the knot in a mass wedding ceremony  at the central mosque in Kano state. Over hundred women did take part in  religious police program that matches up unmarried men with divorced or widowed women with the goal of promoting stable families and reducing the country's high divorce rate.


According to officials of the program called Voice of Divorcees and Widows Association of Nigeria (VOWAN), men and women were allowed to meet each other at the Hisbah offices before deciding who they wish to marry.

Mass wedding ceremonies still remains an old hat to the rest of the world while in Nigeria, it's a new program 

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